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Achilles Tendon Disorders

Most Achilles tendon disorders do not require surgical intervention. Inflammatory problems with the Achilles tendon often take a long time to settle,but will eventually do so with time-dependent natural healing and soft tissue remodelling.

Calf muscle stretching and strengthening exercises, use of heel wedges, anti-inflammatory medication and avoidance of pain-producing activities are important. Steroid injection around the tendon may be helpful.

However, if the Achilles tendon is shown on MRI scan to have either internal calcification or bone masses around the attachment area, or the central tendon has degenerated and has cystic change (a fluid-filled pocket) within, or if the tendon sheath is scarred and thickened, then surgical treatment may be required to remove these offending problems. Use of a strap-on supportive ‘moon boot’ may be required following surgery.