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Realignment Tibial Osteotomy

This operation is done for younger patients who have a partially worn out inside (medial) half of the knee. This will delay the need for joint replacement surgery for several years. The operation involves taking a wedge of bone from the upper shin-bone (tibia) just below the knee.

This changes the weight bearing angle of the knee easing the load (and the pain) on the worn inner half of the joint.This operation involves quite a long recovery time.The cut bone surfaces are firmly fixed with a compression staple but will take a full 6-8 weeks to heal solidly. Crutches are needed for the first 3-4 weeks and reaction and associated discomfort about the knee may take 3-4 months to settle.

As with all surgery there are associated risks with this procedure but the great benefit is that it avoids the need for implanting artificial joint replacement parts at an early age. There is a possibility that this operation may fail to relieve pain , but if it is done relatively early and the wear in the joint surfaces is not too advanced, it can, and does work very well. Should it not work, the further option of joint replacement remains.